"Fund to Build"

When the decision was made to build the fields, QVRA engaged the services of L.R. Kimball & Associates to lead the engineering and facility design.  We first started with community meetings to define the needs and wants of the future users of the site.  We assembled this data and matched it against the geotechnical and topographical characteristics of the property.  As this was a multi-sport facility, one critical variable to overcome was the methodology to create green spaces that could serve different sports at different times during the year.  Though we had 35 acres, it had different slopes and contours.  This meant that we need to terrace the property in such a way to maximize potential field space while still retaining the general slopes.  Click here for more information on the guiding principles we wanted to maintain throughout the entire site.

After we settled in on the cultural and functional aspects of the site Kimball advised the project would cost approximately $5mm to construct the site.  Over 60% of that cost would be applied toward terracing the site and building the necessary infrastructure such as roads, curbs, storm water management systems, street lights, parking lots, etc.  The rest would be applied to the finishing work of the fields.

In order to keep the project moving, QVRA chose a process we called "fund to build".  We segmented the construction into smaller phases with natural breaking points in the work.  This would allow us to spend the money raised to date to move the project forward in natural steps.  We spend our budget while continually raising funds for subsequent phases.

Our 1st phase (Phase 1A) began in September, 2009 and is scheduled to end in June, 2010.  The plan is to provide a WPIAL compliant softball field and WPIAL compliant baseball field for Spring 2011 season.  The fields will not be totally finished to their final design but they will be playable and ready to go.  During the summer and fall of 2010, our Capital Development Committee is actively working to raise the next tranche of funding to be used to finish the necessary infrastructure scheduled for Phase 1B.