QVRA is organized along functional committees that serve at the Board level. Board members are expected to chair and serve on one or more sub-committees. Board members are elected each year at the annual meeting, however, members of the community are able to serve on any sub-committee throughout the year without officially being appointed to the Board. This allows a member to provide support without necessarily absorbing the entire responsibility of being a full board member.

Each sub-committee is responsible for certain goals and tasks that help move QVRA toward providing its shared-services model to all of its operating subsidiaries. Below is a list of committees and a brief description of its responsibilities.

Participation Management Committee (PMC)
Families fill out multiple forms for each sport. Birth certificates are stored in multiple locations. Schedules, insurance policies, thousands of emails are all part of the management process for any youth sport organization. This committee seeks to standardize and centralize all information and document collection and storage for QVRA and its operating divisions.

Risk Management Committee (RMC)
There are numerous risks we face in the management of youth sports. This committee is responsible for creating a uniform approach to protecting our children, our volunteers, our property and our partners from liability.

Capital Development Campaign Commitee (CDC)
This committee is responsible for raising the necessary funds for field and facility development and program support beyond what is raised from registration fees. Volunteer-based youth organizations have not been appropriately resourced and this committee is helping us raise the funds we need to make our organization the best it can be for your children.

Financial Management Commitee (FMC)
This committee is responsible for setting all the processes and controls as they pertain to budgeting, collecting registration dues and spending funds in a manner that is easily tracked and monitored. A goal for QVRA is to publish its financials to the community in order to create a high level of transparency behind its financial work.

Field and Facility Management Commitee (FFM)
This committee is responsible for centralizing all field and facility management across all operating divisions. When this committee is fully implemented, our operating divisions will simply submit their schedules to this committee and it will serve in the master scheduler and field maintenance role.

Marketing and Communications Commitee (MCC)
This committee is responsible for all marketing and communications across the enterprise. The information posted on our website, communications in the press, announcements, etc. are all managed by this committee.

Program Execution Committee (PEC)
This committee is responsible for supporting each operating division as it documents its organizational structure, program design goals, its program design, its key metrics and its key processes for annual report out each year. Each operating division provides a representative to this committee to manage and execute its respective sports communications.

Volunteer Recruitment Committee (VRC)
This committee is responsible for identifying new individuals to become involved with the work of QVRA.  Volunteer organizations can struggle as the experienced members of the organization move on after their children have matured and gone off to college.  This committee is actively reaching into each new age group coming online to make sure there are representatives from that group active in the work of QVRA.