How to Volunteer

We are highly dependent on the time and input provided by our volunteers. Even if you only have 2 hours per month to offer, we can use your help. The work of our organization is broken down into a series of small tasks. We will match your available time and skills to tasks that need to be performed. Our primary goal as it pertains to volunteerism is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for our families to connect more closely with our community by being responsible for the execution of our programs;
  • Minimize the cost of running our programs;
  • Rotate parents of younger children through the leadership and administrative functions of the organization to insure consistency year after year.

There are four major categories of volunteerism within QVRA. If you are interested in discussing any of these opportunities, please send an email to You will be contacted immediately to discuss what might be a good fit for you.

QVRA Board of Directors
We actively seek new Board Members on a continuous basis. Our hope is to constantly rotate parents of younger children through our board so that the parents of older children can successfully transfer the knowledge that has been gained to the parents of children entering the program.

QVRA Board of Director Sub-Committees
We have members that do not seek an official seat on the Board of Directors but are willing to invest some of their time and skill-sets in serving on one of our QVRA Board Sub-Committees. The duties of these sub-committees focus on completing tasks that support the entire QVRA organization regardless of sport. Please click here for information.

Operating Division Administration
Duties other than coaching or team management that focus on the execution of a particular sport. The general categories of work focus on Program Execution, Officiating, Family Registration, Scheduling, Documentation, Uniform and Equipment Management.

Coaching or Team Management
Duties involve coaching or managing a team; For coaches, this will also involve attending various training programs depending on sport and age group. If you are interested in volunteering at this level, please indicate as such during the registration process for the program in which you wish your child(ren) to participate.