Our History

The Quaker Valley Recreation Association (QVRA) was first organized in the 1970s by community volunteers to provide youth baseball and softball programs for boys and girls living or going to school in the Quaker Valley School District.

In 1977, Sewickley Area Soccer (SAS) was formed to organize youth soccer programs for the same children within the community.

In 2004 SAS changed its name to the Ohio River Valley Football Club (ORVFC). It also created a single moniker for all teams within the club: The Sentinels. This change was made to reflect the fact that many of the players come from boroughs other than Sewickley across this section of the Ohio River Valley.

In July 2006, QVRA and ORVFC merged into a single 501(c)3.  ORVFC became a wholly-owned division of QVRA.   Quaker Valley Softball and Baseball (QVSB) was formed as a wholly-owned division of QVRA to continue the tradition of baseball and softball previously delivered by QVRA.  In 2009, Sewickley Valley Lacrosse (SVLAX) joined the organization and became a wholly-owned division of QVRA.