Welcome to QVRA!

Quaker Valley Recreation Association (QVRA) is a community-based supporting youth athletic programs for families and children who live or go to school in or around the Quaker Valley School District.  In many respects, QVRA fulfills the role of municipal recreation departments for the 11 communities that make up the Quaker Valley School District.  QVRA's work is performed primarily with private funding and all volunteers.


Legacy Fields at Bouchard Family Park
We have nearly completed Phase 1A of our plan to build much-needed athletic fields to support youth athletics.  The remaining work of Phase 1A involves completing the final water management components of the park, including 5 new rain gardens.  Following completion of the water management work, we will begin raising funds and building additional fields for soccer, lacrosse, and Little League.

The photo below was taken in the summer of 2013 from the area behind left center field of Esmark Field .  Please click here for additional views of Esmark Field and Heritage Valley Field.